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Brand-New Program With The Secrets to Developing Great Shot Put and Discus Throwers For Any New Coach

Dear Throws Coach,

Let's face it, getting started coaching the throws and developing a consistent program that yields results is tough!
There's no doubt, it's probably the most difficult lesson for any young coach to learn. Frankly, coaching is the only subject you can't fake.
Of course, some people will tell you that you can do fine without an understanding of coaching principles. WRONG! Success as an athlete does not necessarily qualify one as a coach.

However, the big problem is most books on the throws are either antiquated relics that are no longer relevant, or filled with jargon and focus only on drills but not enough on actual fundamentals of how to structure practices and basics of getting started as a throws coach. You practically had to be a brain surgeon to figure it out, attending countless clinics and seminars often geared for more advanced coaches.

Sound at all familiar?

But now there's good news!...

Recently a brand-new program has been created by highly acclaimed throws coach, Dave Hahn. Hahn's work allows coaches like you to take years off the learning curve of developing a successful shot put and discus throws program.

Now you can discover…
The Right (and the Wrong) Way to Learn How to Coach The Throws

This newly released work called How To Coach The Throws: A Beginner’s Guide, by Dave Hahn is the quickest and easiest way to learn how to coach the shot put and discus throws. Inside this magnificent work you'll get over 90 minutes of online video presentations and valuable lessons that most coaches only learn through trial and error. Absolutely everything any throws coach would need.

fundamental principles of coaching the shot put and discus throw
shot put and discus coach season layout
sample season for high school shot put and discus coachessample season for college throws coaches
training philiosophy for shot put and discus coaches

The program is divided up into 4 comprehensive sections:

Section I: Fundamental Principles

  • Laws of Training
  • Teaching Concepts
  • Cues For Coaching
  • Biomechanics and more…

Section II: Season Layout

  • Periodization
  • Phases Of Training
  • Biomotor Elements
  • Elements Of Practice Design and more…

Section III: Sample High School/College Season

  • Setting Program Goals
  • Peaking For Championships
  • Systematic Planning
  • Sample Workouts and more…

Section IV: Training Philosophy

  • Getting Athletes To Buy-In
  • Applications To the Throws
  • Critical Zones
  • Goals for Training and more… 


As you can see this really is the ultimate tutorial for beginning coaches. Until now it has never been so easily available to learn at your own pace. Each video is broken down into manageable chunks so you can easily watch them when you are available instead of having to schedule an hour or two to work through them like most other instructional videos. (Even if you're an experienced coach you'll benefit immensely from the program because you'll examine your own program and find areas for improvement.)

Just imagine being able to watch this program anytime, any place, almost anywhere…without the inconvenience of having to travel hours to a seminar and clinic!

Listen to What Other Throws Coaches Say About How To Coach The Throws: A Beginner’s Guide:

I really liked how you have the scientific principles on there. I don't think that many coaches understand them very well. The graph that you had that showed stress on the body then fatigue then overcompensation is awesome. I also really liked the part where you talked about training through the regular season and not having to perform at your peak for EVERY meet. Also it was nice to see some things about training philosophy on there. I think that many coaches just have their kids go out and throw. It is nice to have a purpose on what you are doing and telling kids.
-Joe B.

"Okay - So What's The Cost For This Incredible Resource?"

Frankly, I’ve presented this information at seminars where coaches have paid up to $200 to attend. But I wanted to find a way to deliver it to more coaches more affordably and in a format that you can take at your own pace (instead trying to cram it all in at a seminar format) - I settled on a video presentation series as a perfect and convenient way to deliver this information (for you and me).

That's why the entire program is only $37. (Don't worry downloading everything is a snap and it works for both PC and MAC users plus you still get all the bonuses listed below.)

5 Special Bonuses For Your Quick Action

Needless to say, this information is jam packed with the jealously guarded secrets to coaching shot put and discus throwers. Truth is, you'll never find this in-depth information in any other program available at this price. But even with that said, just to sweeten the pot a bit I'm also going to hand you 5 special bonuses to reward you for taking action immediately.

Complete season of practice plans and workouts for throwers!
Fundamentals of Coaching The Glide Shot Put
Fundamentals Of Coaching The Rotational Shot Put
Fundamentals Of Coaching The Discus Throw
Introduction to The Hammer Throw

Bonus #1: Complete Season Of Workouts and Training Plans

(a $67 value)
        • A complete season of actual workouts and practice plans used with a 16 athlete crew

        • 2 athletes earned National Championships during the season these workouts were used

        • Bonus #2: Fundamentals Of The Glide Shot Put

(a $19 value)
  • 10 page PDF report
  • Teaching progressions and techniques for beginners in the glide shot put
  • Sample practices

Bonus #3: Fundamentals Of The Rotational Shot Put

(a $19 value)
  • 12 page PDF report

  • Teaching progressions and techniques for beginners in the rotational shot put

  • Sample practices

Bonus #4: Fundamentals Of Coaching The Discus

(a $24 value)
  • 20 page PDF report

  • Comprehensive guide to coaching beginners in the discus throw

  • Illustrated drills

Bonus #5: Introduction To The Hammer Throw

(a $7 value)
  • 10 page PDF report

  • History of Hammer Throwing

  • Competitive Opportunities

  • Training Principles


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There you have it - you couldn't ask for a better deal, unless I also throw in my…

satisfaction guaranteed

And if all of that wasn't enough, here's something else…
100% "Better-Than-Risk-Free" Money Back Guarantee

Listen, if you don't agree that this it the most impactful, eye-opening and practical information you've ever received on the subject of coaching your throwers, simply email me and I'll issue you a 100% refund on the spot. No hard feelings and no questions asked. In fact, I'll extend this guarantee for an entire 60 days after you get everything! That's right, 60 days to use and profit from this unique information or else ask (and receive) an immediate refund.

Fair enough?
I urge you to take action right now and grab you copy of How To Coach The Throws: A Beginner’s Guide. Trust me, you won't want to miss out on this one. Grab your copy now by clicking here for our safe and secure order form.

Dave Hahn
Author, How To Coach The Throws: A beginner’s guide

P.S. You'll be amazed at how simple and easy it is to start building a championship throws crew with How To Coach The Throws: A Beginner’s Guide

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